About the Project

Project Director

  • Cynthia A. Brandimarte

Project Associates

  • Angela S. Reed
  • Douglas S. Porter
  • Dennis L. Gerow

Principal History Consultants

  • James Wright Steely
  • Dan K. Utley

Additional Consultants

  • David Riskind
  • Arthur Black
  • Catherine E. Hutchins
  • Drew Patterson
  • Lonn Taylor
  • Luke Torn


  • John Chandler
  • Eric Beggs
  • Chase Fountain

Technical Assistance

  • Phil Plata
  • Richard Roberts, Mark Thurman, and TPWD Media Productions
  • John Murphy at Access Video & Photo


  • Walt Dabney, State Parks Director
  • Dan Sholly, State Parks Deputy Director

Terra Incognita

  • Bart Marable, Senior Designer
  • Michelle Andrews, Producer
  • Paula Willard, Producer
  • Paul Hannan, Flash Developer
  • Nick Spriopoulos, Online Editor
  • Bridget Borley, Graphics Production
  • Joe Cortina, Creative Director
  • Jim Cortina, Executive Producer
  • Amy Maddox, Senior Producer

THamTech, LLC

  • Tyler Ham, Developer

Music Credits

  • DeWolfe Music Publishing
  • Texas Sand by the Tune Wranglers
  • Traditional CCC Song Boys in Green

Production Credits

  • Michael Hankin, Narrator
  • Narration recorded at TPWD Media Productions
  • Bruce Biermann, TPWD Media Productions, Sound Engineer
  • John Brown, Video Editor
  • Rip, Tear, Shred, Editing Production Company
  • Robby Robinson, NE Productions, Oral Histories Editor
  • Nick Spriopoulos, Cortina Productions, Online Editor

Project Funding and Grants

  • Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
  • Hillcrest Foundation, founded by Mrs. W. W. Caruth, Sr., Dallas, Texas
  • National Endowment for the Arts
  • The Roy and Christine Sturgis Charitable and Educational Trust, Dallas, Texas

Special thanks to

  • Cathy Beaudoin, Rip, Tear, Shred
  • Glenn Dill, Rip, Tear, Shred
  • Eve Tarlo, Rip, Tear, Shred

Interviews filmed on location at Bastrop State Park (James Wright Steely) and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Headquarters (Walt Dabney)